Plant Physiology

Research group has vast experience in plant mineral nutrition analyses. Parameters of photosynthetic activity (CO2 assimilation, photochemical efficacy, pigment content) and water regime (transpiration rate, stomata properties, water potential, indicators of water deficit), along with oxidative enzyme activity and nutrient assimilation of plants are investigated in relation to different types of stress. Most of the work is experimental, analyzing plants grown in controlled environment of the greenhouse and growth chamber.

Several teaching courses are provided: Plant Physiology, Instrumental Methods in Biology, Mechanisms of Ecological Plant Development, Physiology of Woody Plants, Phytoremediation and Phytoindication.

Currently two National projects are under way, dealing with phytoremediation by willows, poplars and other woody species and investigating the influence of climate change to several forest communities in some protected areas in Serbia. Through local projects and cooperation with number of institutions, activities also involve physiological analyses of herbal and alergenic plants, vegetable cultivars, corn and some other commercial plant species. In the past years, research was initiated to target influence of carbon based nanomaterials (fulleren derivates) to plants.



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