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Scientific and Research Society of Biology and Ecology Students “Josif Pančić”

An important type of student engagement and a way of pursuing students’ interests is offered through the activities of the student research society “Josif Pančić”. The Society was founded in 1973, after many years of work of students and staff of the former Institute of Biology. The Society officially started working in 1983, when it gathered students of biology, ecology and all other individuals willing to engage in scientific research, environment protection and improvement, and education in this area. Within the Society, eager students are given the opportunity to learn the principles and methods of scientific research and with the help of their professors and teaching assistants implement their ideas, take an active role in the development of scientific papers, present the results of their research at student and other gatherings and thus acquire additional knowledge and skills that are not part of the official curriculum.

Research work

Every year the Society organizes several research camps. By participating in the camps, students gain the necessary experience in field and research work, receive guidance and gain practical knowledge in their area of interest. An important aspect of these camps is also the opportunity for students to write scientific papers that are based on the results and observations from the field.

Annual Assembly of the Society

The ceremonial Annual Assembly of “Josif Pančić” Society is organized every year with the aim of familiarizing all professors, associates, students and interested parties with the activities and results of the Society members in the past year.

Motivational weekend

Every year the Society organizes a motivational weekend on Fruška gora mountain (Glavica, Stražilovo). This is a good opportunity for new members to meet other members and familiarize with the activities of the Society through relaxing walks in nature.

If you become a member of “Josif Pančić” Society, you can participate in:

  • research work
  • active nature protection
  • implementation of your ideas
  • project work
  • activism and education
  • networking with other similar organizations
  • socializing and teamwork